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Le Plessis-Robinson a commune in southwestern Paris

Le Plessis-Robinson was one of the locations I used in the book. It is designed to be a nice middle-class suburb of Paris where one of the key hero’s “Lieutenant Sacha Laurent” lives with his family. It is located 10.5 km (6.5 mi) from the middle of Paris and has around 30,000 inhabitants and it’s also twined with Woking in the UK!

I also wanted to use a place where I could use the French apartment idea for somewhere for Sacha to hole up with his family as he was a bit of a doomsday prepper ready for anything on his top floor domain. It also has some nice park areas and is close to the transport systems for central Paris but has a more homely feel to the area. Sacha, also has a wife who is a doctor, and she works in the department of Pathology and Poisons at Marie-Lannelongue Hospital which is also close by to the family home. The detail of that comes later in the second book.

The location is also close to RAID HQ in Bievres which was also used as part of the plot for the first book and gives a local work connection as well for Sacha who clearly works for RAID at a Lieutenant.

Le Plessis-Robinson