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Book 1 – Intro pages in the Black Forest

It was dark in the forest at 2 a.m. as a black VW transporter van swept through the windy lanes in the woods of the Black Forest in Germany. Moonlight glinted through the tree canopy as the large diesel engine grunted through the silence in a rhythmical motion. Maria nodded and Hilter who was driving pulled to an abrupt stop to the side of the road. They decamped and walked around to the read of the van to let Klaus and Gunter out of the back of the vehicle. Quickly they all pulled down their black ski masks that were already on the top of their heads and picked up an array of wire cutters, tape, a sledgehammer and a few more useful tools. They moved off in silence as a group with Gunter in the lead.

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Their mission this evening was simple; infiltrate the DZIF (German Centre of Infection Research) buildings and get those Macaques out. The DZIF had built a secret lab situated near the ruined Hohenbaden Castle in the Baden-Baden Forest. It was designed by the German government to take on all types of research and battle infectious diseases facing the world. However, Gunter and his group were part of “Primatentierschutz” (a Primate animal welfare organisation) which tried to help all primates and hated all forms of animal testing. They had spent weeks finding out where the lab was and conducting painstaking research to find out more information about “Das Bunker”. They seemed to have picked up on a trail of evidence which finally could establish the extent of the animal cruelty occurring within the walls of those labs. The word online on various forums and antivaccine sites was that DZIF were looking at the Cov-8-Sars virus strain which had mutated from the Cov-2-Sars pandemic of 2020. They were using live Macaques in experiments which had been imported from breeding centres in Mauritius, the far east and Israel. The primates were clearly either captured or breed in captivity for one purpose only and that was not a pleasant one for most. Gunter and his team had to find out what was going on. They had seen images and videos of mutilated macaque corpses being burned on site posted by a concerned guard and he was their inside man. Their inside man had been working for some time “Das Bunker” and he seemed to be feeling more and more concerned about goings on at the site. He needed to do his job for sure if there were going to get in.

Minutes later they had trooped through the forest to reach the DZIF compound outer chain-link fencing, Klaus and Hilter made short work of the situation with wire cutters and moved forwards whilst Gunter and Maria brought up the rear of their small group. They reached the inner fencing quickly, but this was a more substantial affair clearly designed to keep out all but the most determined intruder. The guard had managed to turn security camera 3 to the side so they had a slim window of time to get in undetected.  The dog patrols had been carefully noted, and came around every 10 minutes, so they had a small amount of time to get in.  Gunter started with the bolt croppers snipping away at each 5mm steel wire which had to be cut individually. The others watched him carefully as their adrenaline levels rose.

Maria spoke “hurry up, we don’t have much time”.

“I’m almost there” Gunther replied sharply.

He was panting hard by the time he had finished with the amount of effort required. Quickly the group moved through and then gently cable tied the mesh square back on itself so it would not show.

Hilter whispered “move it guys we are running out of time”.

They moved onto the compound where the rear access door was situated. Klaus was the expert here; the door was his job. His father ran a small business in town which sold locks and repaired antique mechanisms. He was the expert, but his son had picked up a few skills before leaving for university that were at times quite useful. His set of picks made short work of the locks and they were in, just as the dog patrol rounded the corner. The hot breath of the Alsatian puffing through the darkness, a breed of menacing reputation.

The building was a lot larger than it looked from the outside. Multiple floors and sub basements had been dug into what was an old second world war bunker complex.  The mission was twofold, they needed the evidence of what was going on and the paperwork to help expose the treatment of the macaques. Gunter and Maria took on the paperwork and the job of scouring for any written evidence whilst Klaus and Hilter set about freeing the animals. From what the guard had told them they needed the 1st floor and then the sub-basement on the west wing. They were looking for Dr Riemann’s office but there was not exactly a map on hand. Dr Dieter Riemann was the lead expert on research, and he had spent many years working as an animal poison specialist out in St Lucia in the Caribbean before coming back to work for the DZIF after the Cov-2-Sars or “Covid-19” crisis had struck the world. They paired off and quietly worked their way to their targets. Small head torches lit the way with Gunter and Maria reaching their target of the office complex first.

“It’s here” Maris said as used her combat style knife to good effect on the first filing cabinet. It had records numbered for each specimen they were testing. There was a lot to go through but, she worked her way through the first drawer and then second.

“Speed it up!” Gunter called out. There was some sort of research into the common cold, then flu which involved porcine subjects. Not much here to get the press onboard with their cause, Maria thought. Then the third draw and bingo! There was some report about Sea cucumber’s (Holothuroidea) and their poisons (holothurin).

She read it aloud to Gunter….