UK Corruption Sleazy PM stops Turkey Dinner!

Book 1 has a really good story twist and side plot based on the idea of corrupt Government who is on the take.

Laurent is busy in France when “Geoffrey Winston” the UK PM is on the TV pumping out the usual type of statement often now seen as a “holding” statement by governments across the world..

“We understand our foreign partners in the EU are having some border troubles with feverous shoppers out for an early Christmas dash. We have no concerns whatsoever about any virus or variants. Britain PLC is fully open
for business and flights to all destinations are staying open for shoppers and business to flow. There are no health concerns and our Scientists had told us there is 100% no danger. If you wish to wear a mask for your own protection then please do, but I am not and will not need this as we are all vaccinated and had our boosters. We have had the most successful program in the world, and it is all due to my fantastic leadership of the nation in the previous years.

We are following the Science and there will be no Christmas cancel culture here. I guarantee turkey for all at Christmas time.”

Turkey for Christmas????

The plot then deepens later in the book with the corrupt Globetrotting “Maximillian Fischer” simply feeds the sleaze machine and Politian’s like a parasitical worm.

The PM also has a really sleezy attitude to women as well as most he deals with…

Winston slid down onto the plush sofa next to her. She could feel his cheesy hot breath on her face as he waved his glass near to her.

“cheers” he said.

His shirt strained against his hugely obese belly overhanging his trousers which she could only imagine covered a small package. He had clearly been at the nibbles as well and had bits in between his teeth!

“Yes, cheers PM” Jemima replied, “so about this Cobra meeting”

“Ah let’s leave that for a minute, now we have some time together” Winston replied. He slurped more Cristal from his glass.

“Maybe we need more time together Jemima” as he slid his hand across the sofa and onto her bare leg.

If you want to see more, you will need to read the book!