Welcome to the End of Humanity?

Hey, is that right, is this the end?

Well maybe it could be, but you are going to need to read this Trilogy of Novella style fast action books to find out.

The Apocalypse Zombie series are fast paced thriller novella’s which are written by Daniel Powell. The first book takes us to the deep depths of the oceans and biological research as doctors struggle to find ways to keep people alive from the Covid outbreaks. We see corrupt politicians and animal rights groups causing havoc with their plans as valiant police officers and doctors work their best to save humanity. The “fall” happens quickly and with devastating consequences.

It’s a proper Apocalypse with walking infected Zombies roaming the Europe and then the world. However, unlike most other Zombie books this one has some Science reality about it as it is written by a science teacher. All the Science involved has a proper basis and could happen. It also has some super main characters and if you are looking for an escape over an afternoon then this is your book. Buy and enjoy the thrills and spills and then come back for books two and three!

Please come back to this site over time as more content will develop and be associated with the series in time, it has only just launched 21 Dec 2021

Amazon Kindle Format Book can be found here.

Many thanks

Daniel Powell